Ernest Benjamin /GEE/ b.26 Jul 1914 d.8 Aug 1991 
      |  |
      |  ...
   Ronald Ernest /GEE/ b.2 May 1941 
   |  |
   |  Mary Helena /BUCHANAN/ b.14 Sep 1916 
 Christopher John /GEE/ b.10 Oct 1967 
   Imelda Frances /QUINN/ 

BRASS            Jessie.Watson            b.1876 d.1950 Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Ernest Benjamin /GEE/

BUCHANAN         Mary.Helena              b.1916                 Anc. Des. M1. Ernest Benjamin /GEE/

GEE              Christopher.John         b.1967        Parents. Anc. Des.
GEE              Ernest.Benjamin          b.1876 d.1960 Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Jessie Watson /BRASS/
GEE              Ernest.Benjamin          b.1914 d.1991 Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Mary Helena /BUCHANAN/
GEE              Ronald.Ernest            b.1941        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Imelda Frances /QUINN/

QUINN            Imelda.Frances                                  Anc. Des. M1. Ronald Ernest /GEE/
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