Donald Andrew /JACKSON/ 
 Raewyn Elizabeth /JACKSON/ b.7 Apr 1960 
   |  Hector Irwin /CLOUGHLEY/ b.21 Oct 1901 d.24 Jul 1983 
   |  |
   Jessie Coral /CLOUGHLEY/ b.16 Apr 1932 
      |  ...
      |  |
      Winifred Bertha /GEE/ b.7 Nov 1905 d.14 Apr 1953 

BRASS            Jessie.Watson            b.1876 d.1950 Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  

CLOUGHLEY        Hector.Irwin             b.1901 d.1983        M1. M2. Anc.  Des.  
CLOUGHLEY        Jessie.Coral             b.1932        Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  

GEE              Ernest.Benjamin          b.1876 d.1960 Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  
GEE              Winifred.Bertha          b.1905 d.1953 Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  

JACKSON          Donald.Andrew                                 M1. Anc.  Des.  
JACKSON          Raewyn.Elizabeth         b.1960        Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  
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