Rachel Elizabeth /ADAMS/ b.29 Jan 1952 
 m. 1 DEC 1992 Robert Edwin /BURROWES/ b.17 Jul 1959 ,m. at Home of Brides Father, 12A Sequoia Grove New Plymouth, NZL 
   |-Paul Adams /BURROWES/ b.19 Sep 1982 
   |m. 18 Nov 2003 Huaning (Nellie) /Yang/ b.20 May 1983 ,m. at 19B Manawa Road, Remuera, Auckland, New Zealand 
   |  |
   |  |-Quin Yan /Burrowes/ b.23 Apr 2018 
   |-Benjamin Adams /BURROWES/ b.18 Jul 1985 
   |m. 12 Apr 2014 Mathilde Julia Gabrielle /Duriau/ b.28 Nov 1981 ,m. at Karekare waterfall, Lone Kauri Road, Karekare, Auckland, NZL 
   |-Astra Caroline /BURROWES/ b.18 Dec 1988 
   |m. 19 Feb 2019 Samuel Leo /Kronfeld/ b.13 Oct 1989 ,m. at Cassels, Waitakakere, Auckland, NZL 

ADAMS            Rachel.Elizabeth         b.1952        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Robert Edwin /BURROWES/

BURROWES         Astra.Caroline           b.1988        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Samuel Leo /Kronfeld/
BURROWES         Benjamin.Adams           b.1985        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Mathilde Julia Gabrielle /Duriau/
BURROWES         Paul.Adams               b.1982        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Huaning (Nellie) /Yang/
Burrowes         Quin.Yan                 b.2018        Parents. Anc. Des.
BURROWES         Robert.Edwin             b.1959        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Rachel Elizabeth /ADAMS/

Duriau           Mathilde.Julia.Gabrielle b.1981        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Benjamin Adams /BURROWES/

Kronfeld         Samuel.Leo               b.1989        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Astra Caroline /BURROWES/

Yang             Huaning.(Nellie)         b.1983        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Paul Adams /BURROWES/
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