Sarah Barbara /POLLARD/ b.22 Jul 1943 
 m.Richard /COCKE/ b.2 Nov 1938 
   |-Rupert /COCKE/ b.1990 
   |-Matthew /COCKE/ b.1991 
   |-David /COCKE/ b.1995 

COCKE            David                    b.1995        Fam. Anc.  Des.  
COCKE            Matthew                  b.1991        Fam. Anc.  Des.  
COCKE            Richard                  b.1938               M1. Anc.  Des.  
COCKE            Rupert                   b.1990        Fam. Anc.  Des.  

POLLARD          Sarah.Barbara            b.1943        Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  
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