Michael James Joseph /O'CONNELL/ b.5 Feb 1959 
 m.Virginia Clare /ADAMS/ b.10 Oct 1956 
   |-Joseph James Eric Adams /O'CONNELL/ b.28 Mar 1988 
   |-Juliet Jessie /O'CONNELL/ b.12 Nov 91 

ADAMS            Virginia.Clare           b.1956        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Richard Lewis /HELLYER/ M2. Michael James Joseph /O'CONNELL/

O'CONNELL        Joseph.James.Eric.Adams  b.1988        Parents. Anc. Des.
O'CONNELL        Juliet.Jessie            b.0091        Parents. Anc. Des.
O'CONNELL        Michael.James.Joseph     b.1959        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. Virginia Clare /ADAMS/
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