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0 @IP1@ INDI
1 TITL Sir
1 NOTE of Kings Nympton, Devon, ENG. Living there in 1568, Sheriff of Devon in 1587.
2 CONC At the time of the Armada he was Colonel commanding 800 men of the North Division Co.,
2 CONC (Historical MSS Commission Report 15, Appendix Part VII. Page 5). He was appointed
2 CONC to farm the Tobacco Tax in England 7 Oct 1611. The Lord Deputy & Council to Sir John Davies:-
2 CONC "Whereas for the increase of his Majesty's revenue in this Kingdom we have thought it fit
2 CONC to lay an imposition of 18d. lawful money of and in England upon every pound of tobacco
2 CONC that is now within this Kingdom or that hereafter shall be imported or brought into the
2 CONC same, and also for every gross of tobacco pipes 2s, like money and so ratably for every
2 CONC dozen that now is in this Kingdom which imposition we have thought meet to set to farm
2 CONC to our well beloved Sir Hugh Pollard Kt. and his assigns for the term of 7 years
2 CONC beginning at Michaelmas last he or they paying unto his Majesty his heirs and successors
2 CONC the rent of 20 pounds English yearly during the same said time". (Historical MSS.
2 CONC Commission Report, 78, Vol. IV. Page 41). "Warrant upon surrender to be made by Sir Hugh
2 CONC Pollard, Kt. Farmer of Taxes of Tobacco and tobacco pipes of a fiant of grant to be made
2 CONC unto Thomas Dowrish of Heath Barton Co. Devon Esq. to be farmer of the said taxes."
2 CONC 6 Dec 1614 (Calendar of State Papers relating to Ireland 1611 - 1614, page 530 ). Thomas
2 CONC Dowrish was the father inlaw of Francis Pollard, 2nd son of Sir Hugh.
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1 FAMS @FP1@
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