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Nb. of Kings Nympton, Devon, ENG. Living there in 1568, Sheriff of Devon in 1587. At the time of the Armada he was Colonel commanding 800 men of the North Division Co., (Historical MSS Commission Report 15, Appendix Part VII. Page 5). He was appointed to farm the Tobacco Tax in England 7 Oct 1611. The Lord Deputy & Council to Sir John Davies:- "Whereas for the increase of his Majesty's revenue in this Kingdom we have thought it fit to lay an imposition of 18d. lawful money of and in England upon every pound of tobacco that is now within this Kingdom or that hereafter shall be imported or brought into the same, and also for every gross of tobacco pipes 2s, like money and so ratably for every dozen that now is in this Kingdom which imposition we have thought meet to set to farm to our well beloved Sir Hugh Pollard Kt. and his assigns for the term of 7 years beginning at Michaelmas last he or they paying unto his Majesty his heirs and successors the rent of 20 pounds English yearly during the same said time". (Historical MSS. Commission Report, 78, Vol. IV. Page 41). "Warrant upon surrender to be made by Sir Hugh Pollard, Kt. Farmer of Taxes of Tobacco and tobacco pipes of a fiant of grant to be made unto Thomas Dowrish of Heath Barton Co. Devon Esq. to be farmer of the said taxes." 6 Dec 1614 (Calendar of State Papers relating to Ireland 1611 - 1614, page 530 ). Thomas Dowrish was the father inlaw of Francis Pollard, 2nd son of Sir Hugh.

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