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Nb. Settled at Waye Barton, Devon in 1242. By the 16th Century Several Branches of the Pollard's formed. The senior branch was seated at Horwood in Devon, and there were two other branches in the same County at Langley Barton and King's Nympton. There were also branches at St. Hillary in Cornwell, Nuneham Courtney in Oxfordshire, Castle Pollard in Ireland and elsewhere. The Visitation of Devon in 1620 only recorded the Langley branch of the family. The pedigrees of the Horwood and King's Nypmton branches are recorded in Thomas Westcote's "Pedigrees of Most of the Devonshire Families" and are shown in J.L. Vivian's "Vistations of Devon".

The King's Nympton parish registers were destroyed in Exeter during WWII. The Bishop's Transcripts from these are in the Exeter City archives and from them the baptisms which took place in the generations following William Pollard, have been recovered.

Nb. Of Waye, co. Devon. 27 Henry III. Visitations of Cornwall shows a dotted line to Walter, indicating ancestry but not necessarily parents. He is perhaps the same Walter Pollard who married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of William de la Way, of Way in the parish of St. Giles-in-the-Wood, and granddaughter of Walter de la Way. This Walter Pollard was in Way 27 Henry III (1247)

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