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Hugh /POLLARD/ Parents. Draw Anc. Tree. Draw Desc. Tree.
b. 1605
d. 27 Nov 1666
Buried. at Westminster Abbey.


Nb. 2nd Baronet of King's Nympton (Which he sold to Sir Arthur Northcote) (Dictionary of National Biography). Hugh Pollard was implicated in May and June 1641 in the first army royalist plot, was imprisoned and expelled from the House of Commons in which he sat for Beeralston, Devonshire. For this offence his father decided to disinherit him. Hugh Pollard petitioned Parliment and obtained their permission to visit his dying father and was forgiven. He became the 2nd Baronet on 19 Nov 1641 on the death of his father.

Returning from Holland, in search of levies for the King's Service, he was pursed by the Parliamentary ships but escaped. He defended Dartmouth against Fairfax but was wounded and taken prisoner. At the Restoration he was sworn a Privy Councillor and made Controller of the Household of King Charles II. He was appointed a member of a committee to consider all business relating to foreign plantations. (Acts of the Privy Council (Colonial) 1662, pp 554 and 572).

Bridget /VERE/ Parents. Draw Anc. Tree. Draw Desc. Tree.
b. 6 Apr 1584
d. BET Dec 1630 AND May 1631

Source. (Complete Peerage Vol 9 page 648)

M.1. , M.2.

Marriage. ABT 1626


Nb. Only child


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