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William Branch /POLLARD/ Parents. Draw Anc. Tree. Draw Desc. Tree.
b. 5 Aug 1807
d. 9 Dec 1879
    Nb. THE COLONIST MONDAY DECEMBER 9 1878 P 3 COL 1 (1879?)
    POLLARD Today, at his residence in New Market St., William Branche Pollard, Auditor General, British Guiana, in his 72 year.
Buried. at Repentir Cemetery, Georgetown, Demerara, BG
Occupation Auditor General of British Guiana and official Member of the Court of Policy

Nb. At the meeting of the Court of Policy after the Auditor General's death, the Attorney General said:-

"There were many of his duties that did not come directly before the notice of the public, but for the execution of which he was entitled to the highest credit.

I will merely allude to one of them, the laying out of the Sinking Fund. No one as far as I know ever asked how it was laid out, but we find that everything connected with the money was done to the best advantage. I may also mention the excellent manner in which he carried out the details of the Immigration Loan. No one ever interfered with Mr. Pollard in this respect, and it was his proudest boast to say that while he had the charge of the laying out of the funds, not a single cent had ever been lost to the Colony.

Your Excellency, I have lost my oldest colleague, and I can scarcely say how greatly I regret his loss. I have known hime through a great number of years, and I now remain the oldest member of this Court.

In accordance with Your Excellency's instructions, I will now introduce the following resolution:

The Court deeply regrets the loss which the Colony has sustained by the death of the Honourable William Branch Pollard, and desires to record their high appreciation of the long and valuable services rendered by him to British Guiana both as Auditor General and as a member of this Court."
The Colonist, 27th December 1879.

Elizabeth /Batty/ Parents. Draw Anc. Tree. Draw Desc. Tree.
b. 14 Aug 1816
d. 23 Apr 1869 at Georgetown Demerara

Marriage. 26 May 1841




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