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Lewis /POLLARD/ Parents. Draw Anc. Tree. Draw Desc. Tree.
b. ABT 1465
d. ABT 1525
M.1. , M.2.
Occupation Barrister-at-Law, Middle Temple, Judge of Common Pleas, 1515

Nb. Kt., of Kings Nympton, Devon

Nb. Of Girlston. One of the Judges of Common Pleas and one of Prince's Worthies of Devon. He was called to the bar by the society of the Middle Temple, where he was reader in Lent, 1502. He received the degree of the coif in November of the following year; and from that time, but not before, his name appears in the Reports. His eminence as a lawyer, on which Prince as usual greatly enlarges, may be estimated by his being made one of the king's serjeants on 9 Jul 1507, and by his having a renewal of his patent on the accession of Henry VIII. In the sixth year of that reign, on 29 May 1514, he was raised to the bench of the Common Pleas. His decisions during the first five years of his judicial career are in Keilwey's Reports; and those subsequently may be seen in the Year Books. If he died, as Prince states, in 1450, he must have retired from the bench many years previously; for the last fine acknowledged before him was in Michaelmas, 1525, and he is not mentioned in the Reports even so late as that date. His appreant successor, Thomas Englefield, was appointed about the end of 1526. He had no less that 11 sons and 11 daughters, all of whom with his wife and himself are represented in a window of the church of King's Nympton, in which he purchased an estate and erected a stately mansion.

Agnes /HEXT/ Parents. Draw Anc. Tree. Draw Desc. Tree.
- Agnes /HEXTE/


Nb. Pedigree for Hexte calls her Anne and married to Nicholas Pollard.

Marriage. at in the parish of staverton, Devon


Nb. and seven other Sons and Seven other Daughters!


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