Photo Archive of Wellington Mounted Rifles WWI

Photos taken by Stanley Gadfield Aglionby Burrowes during his time with the Wellington Mounted Rifles during WWI. There are some that look as if they may have been bought. These have writing on the photo.

These were scanned at 400DPI and saved as jpeg images (Size varies from 150K to 300K). I am attempting to obtain the negatives from a relative and replace poorer quality images with scans directly from these negatives. The negatives have been stored in order and are labeled. The negatives were not in order, and the notes don't seem to match the negatives. Many were in worse condition than the prints, having deteriorated over time. The good news is, the negatives added around 60 new photos which I am in the process of sorting and tagging.

I should also be able to time order the photos from this. The current order is random. The photo tiltles are taken from Stans hand written notes on their backs and I may have misread a few.