Herbert Alleyne Nathanael (HAN) /BURROWES/ b.12 Jul 1870 d.29 Jul 1933 
      |  |
      |  ...
   Charles Stanley /Burrowes/ b.13 Sep 1905 d.11 Mar 1970 
   |  |
   |  Emily Tyson /DAVIS/ b.ABT 1872 d.3 Aug 1946 
 Wendy /Burrowes/ 
   Sheila Ismay /Collette/ b.21 Aug 1913 d.23 Apr 1992 

Burrowes         Charles.Stanley          b.1905 d.1970 Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  
BURROWES         Herbert.Alleyne.Nathanae b.1870 d.1933 Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  
BURROWES         Herbert.Stanley                 d.1879 Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  
Burrowes         Wendy                                  Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  

Collette         Sheila.Ismay             b.1913 d.1992        M1. Anc.  Des.  

CRAWFORD         Jane.Graves                            Fam. M1. M2. Anc.  Des.  

DAVIS            Emily.Tyson              b.1872 d.1946        M1. Anc.  Des.  
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