Beverley Rae /GEE/ b.11 Feb 1946 
 m. 28 Aug 1966 George Henry /BRENNAN/ b.21 Mar 1944 ,m. at Mt.Maunganui, NZL 
   |-Michelle Annette /BRENNAN/ b.20 Sep 1968 
   |-Steven Grant /BRENNAN/ b.2 Apr 1970 
   |-Martin Peter /BRENNAN/ b.12 Jul 1973 

BRENNAN          George.Henry             b.1944               M1. Anc.  Des.  
BRENNAN          Martin.Peter             b.1973        Fam. Anc.  Des.  
BRENNAN          Michelle.Annette         b.1968        Fam. Anc.  Des.  
BRENNAN          Steven.Grant             b.1970        Fam. Anc.  Des.  

GEE              Beverley.Rae             b.1946        Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  
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