Beverley Rae /GEE/ b.11 Feb 1946 
 m. 28 Aug 1966 George Henry /BRENNAN/ b.21 Mar 1944 ,m. at Mt.Maunganui, NZL 
   |-Michelle Annette /BRENNAN/ b.20 Sep 1968 
   |-Steven Grant /BRENNAN/ b.2 Apr 1970 
   |-Martin Peter /BRENNAN/ b.12 Jul 1973 

BRENNAN          George.Henry             b.1944                 Anc. Des. M1. Beverley Rae /GEE/
BRENNAN          Martin.Peter             b.1973        Parents. Anc. Des.
BRENNAN          Michelle.Annette         b.1968        Parents. Anc. Des.
BRENNAN          Steven.Grant             b.1970        Parents. Anc. Des.

GEE              Beverley.Rae             b.1946        Parents. Anc. Des. M1. George Henry /BRENNAN/
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