Hilary Winifred /BRISCOE/ b.22 May 1944 
 m. 30 Nov 1968 Michael Lynn /ANDREWES/ b.10 Dec 1943 ,m. at Christchurch, NZL 
   |-Jennifer Marie /ANDREWES/ b.26 Oct 1971 
   |-Susan Carolyn /ANDREWES/ b.8 Mar 1977 
   |-James Michael /ANDREWES/ b.24 Aug 1979 

ANDREWES         James.Michael            b.1979        Fam. Anc.  Des.  
ANDREWES         Jennifer.Marie           b.1971        Fam. Anc.  Des.  
ANDREWES         Michael.Lynn             b.1943               M1. Anc.  Des.  
ANDREWES         Susan.Carolyn            b.1977        Fam. Anc.  Des.  

BRISCOE          Hilary.Winifred          b.1944        Fam. M1. Anc.  Des.  
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